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Hospice Services

In-Patient Services

Hospice Nepal's goal is to provide patients at the end of their lives, their family members and other significant people with state-of-the-art palliative care and supportive services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, both at home and in a facility-based setting.

Community Outreach Services

There are many people living in the rural areas who would benefit from palliative care but lack access to these services. A program of education has now been developed by the Nepal Palliative Care Group to train medical professionals and volunteers who will develop palliative care in regional and local centers.

Palliative Care Training Centre

The creation of a Palliative Care Training Centre will make the benefits of these services more widely available to a greater number of people and communities. Progress in palliative care services and policies reflects the ongoing dedication and compassion of the medical professionals in Nepal toward improving quality of life for people living with advanced cancer and/or HIV/AIDS.

Palliative Care for Children

Currently Children in Nepal have no access to Palliative Care treatment. They are therefore at a higher risk than adults to face inadequate pain relief.  The new Hospice will have beds for children. It will be the first institution not only to care and support palliative children and their families, but also to provide educational programmes to improve pain relief for this marginalised group countrywide.