An exotic trip around the world all in your own home or Rotary Club! Take your taste buds on a trip and raise money for Hospice Nepal.

Hosting a curry night with friends is great way to experience another culture, not to mention save you some dollars. To ensure the most fun on your 'Curry Night' decide on a theme, for example Indian, Thai or Nepalese, and set the date. Next, you will need to notify your nearest and dearest, friends and neighbours and ask them to cook up a curry to bring on the night. Ideally each curry should be different and don't be shy about suggesting the type of curry each guest should bring. Try for a variety of meat, chicken, vegetable and even fish.

Most people have a favourite curry recipe and will be thrilled to cook it up and share it with friends. Set the scene with some candles and low flower arrangements; tea lights in pretty glasses or jars look fantastic and most supermarkets sell a variety of fresh cut flowers cheaply enough, that you can trim down to sit for low lying flower arrangements or you can raid your garden.

To add some authenticity on the night find a CD or download some Indian music to play in the background, and ensure that you have plenty of steamed rice cooked up and some Naan and poppadum’s. When your guests arrive pop all the curries along the table and allow everyone to serve themselves, I guarantee there will be plenty of merrymaking and conversation for a great night.

Above all, you are raising money for a great cause, Thank You.

Watch this space for more details!!