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Creating a palliative care centre of excellence


For the past twenty years, Hospice Nepal has been operating out of a small single storey building that is no longer large enough to house the increasing number of patients.  The building does not have suitable facilities for children or space for their families and, more importantly, it is restricting the potential to grow the services that Hospice Nepal could offer to the community in the more rural areas of Nepal.

The hospice has seen a 50% increase in referrals in the last five years and from Ministry of Health predictions it is known that the number of people requiring hospice services, including children, will increase in the coming years.


In 2018 a group of New Zealand Rotarians from the Fairfield Rotary Club in Hamilton heard about their struggle and formed a project team with the help of supporters in Nepal, Canada and the United Kingdom. 


The aim for the future is to provide a 24 bed Hospice with a children's ward, surrounded by a small garden. The patients should be able to take a walk in the garden and relax with nature. Our ultimate goal is to make our patients and their relatives as comfortable as possible by medication for physical comfort, and to provide for their spiritual and mental comfort in a peaceful, homelike atmosphere. 

Next to the hospice we hope to build a small guest-house for the patients relatives, so they too can live comfortably whilst helping to take care of the patient. For the patient and their relatives, we will build a meditation hall, a small temple and a small stupa etc. Thus providing for the patient and their relatives physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

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