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Hospice Nepal’s sacred mission is to provide a high quality compassionate care that addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patients and their loved ones and to promote understanding of the hospice service to community and medical personnel. To this end, it provides an inpatient hospice service with eight beds for terminally ill patients with modern facilities and a 24-hour palliative care service. In addition, it has recently started a community outreach service, taking hospice care out into the rural community to assist patients in their own homes.

The Past

This non-political, non-profit organization was started in the year 2000 by four school friends by renting four beds in His Majesty's Hospital and was officially registered with the Chief District Officer's office in Kathmandu as a Charitable Trust. Owing to the demand the number of beds quickly increased to six within the first six months. A subsidized rate was paid for each bed which was sponsored by various individuals. After nearly 18 months, and having cared for 85 patients, it was decided that a more home like atmosphere was needed along with its own team of dedicated nurses to take care of the patients.  Today the hospice provides care for between 150 - 200 annually.

The Present

Hospice Nepal is currently situated in a quiet and peaceful area in Lagankhel, but near enough to the city centre of Kathmandu for basic facilities, such as transportation and food. 

The Hospice provides one general ward with six beds and two small side-wards for single or double occupancy. The general ward beds are free and each include a storage box type bed for one visitor and sharing a common bathroom. The side-wards each have attached bathrooms and a storage box type bed for visitors. A minimum charge is made for each of the side-wards and this money goes to support the Hospice. All rooms have fans and heaters for summer and winter. Other facilities include,  television, radio cassette player, games and a beautiful garden for the patients and their family. There is even a place for cooking food, equipped with a kerosene stove. 

Patients are cared for by a dedicated nursing staff and a doctor visits once a day for patient consultations. These services are all provided free, as are the specialist medicines required for each patient.

The Future

The aim for the future is to provide a 24 bed Hospice with a children's ward, surrounded by a small garden. The patients should be able to take a walk in the garden and relax with nature. Our ultimate goal is to make our patients and their relatives as comfortable as possible by medication for physical comfort, and to provide for their spiritual and mental comfort in a peaceful, homelike atmosphere. 

Next to the hospice we hope to build a small guest-house for the patients relatives, so they too can live comfortably whilst helping to take care of the patient. For the patient and their relatives, we will build a meditation hall, a small temple and a small stupa etc. Thus providing for the patient and their relatives physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

The Good News!

Recently, because of a generous donation of $350,000 USD and $200,000 USD raised by Hospice Nepal we have been able to purchase a suitable piece of land on which to build our new Hospice!

Currently, our Team in Nepal are negotiating to buy the land which will then be placed into Trust for Hospice Nepal. Once the land has been secured and transferred to Hospice Nepal, Phase Two of our Project will begin in earnest to raise the funds and build the new Hospice and Training Centre. We welcome partners to help make this project a success.


"That somebody should die is God's will, that nobody should die in pain, is the wish of  Hospice"